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Traditional Handmade Cork Duck Decoys
Eliot, Maine    207-439-5097
We offer hand made cork hunting decoys for serious duck hunters. Each of our hand carved
working decoys is made and painted by champion carver, Jim Higgins, who has been making and  
hunting over cork  duck decoys for more than 30 years.  Our decoys are at home  gunning the
marsh or sitting on the mantle! At the Sneakbox we take duck hunting and cork decoys seriously!
Copyright: Sneakbox
Decoy Company, 2012
Cork Black Duck Hunting Decoys-
Gunning Decoy Grade
Three head styles- regular, low,
drinker. Hens or Drakes.
80 Each                    6 for $460
Gunning Grade Cork Hunting Decoy- the affordable way to own quality, handmade, cork hunting
Cork Mallard Hunting Decoys-
Gunning Decoy Grade
Three head styles- regular,
low,drinker.   Hens or Drakes.
$90 Each                   6 for $513
Why should duck hunters use handmade cork duck decoys?

  • Cork duck  decoys weigh about the same a live ducks so they ride the water like ducks
    offering greater stability with more realistic motion.

  • Cork duck decoys are quiet on the water. Who can stand to listen to the constant slap
    of plastic decoys in the chop!

  • Handmade cork duck hunting decoys have charm- they complement duck hunting like
    fine shotguns and well trained gun dogs.

  • Handmade cork duck decoys will last for a  lifetime of duck hunting and can be easily
    repaired or repainted when necessary.

  • Hand-carved and painted cork duck decoys retain their value.

  • Sneakbox Decoys are like no other- on the water their unique look separates them from
    the crowd.

  • Color and painting are true to life making these decoys more lifelike than mass
    produced plastic or cork decoys.
  • Our cork duck decoys are made with hand-carved,  Maine white cedar heads,
    individually weighted white pine keels, and ultra-high density pressed cork bodies.

  • Sneakbox Decoys are entirely hand-carved and painted, one at a time right here in the
    good old USA!
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